What is a SmartPhone? Do I Need One For My Small Business?

You’ve heard of a SmartPhone. The beautiful iPhone. The BlackBerry, also referred to as the “CrackBerry”. There are many Windows Based models available. Let’s dig a little deeper and see which SmartPhone is best suited for you.

SmartPhones are the evolutionary product of cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDA). Once upon a time, cell phone simply offered the ability to make calls over a wireless network. Back then, PDA’s were portable devices which simply stored data from your computer, such as your contact list or to do list so that you could carry it around in your briefcase.

In time, cell phones evolved to offer you the ability to send text messages, while PDA’s gained the ability to send emails. The compounding nature of technological advancement took its natural course, accelerating the evolution of both technologies and merging them. Today, we have all in one SmartPhones that get smarter every year. How Can A SmartPhone Help You?

In Touch On The Road

A SmartPhone can give you instant access to your information from your main office computer while you are on the road. Your calendar, task list, all contact information and any documents you choose are all available to help you work Smarter while on the road. You can also enjoy internet access from your SmartPhone. realme 5

Software Expands Functionality

Your SmartPhone has an operating system, just like your computer. That means you can download software for your SmartPhone. Top choices include but are not limited to:

* Financial management software

* GPS software to guide you to your next appointment

* Playlist or personal jukebox of your favourite songs.


A cell phone lets you type text, however you are limited to using what I call the Morse Code Keyboard. For example, to type the letter “c”, tap the number “2″ three times. In my opinion, cell phone typing is tedious and time consuming with a high level of frustration on the side!

A QWERTY keyboard is named for its layout. If you look at your computer keyboard, you will note that the top line of letters from left to right reads Q-W-E-R-T-Y, hence the name QWERTY keyboard. It’s kind of fun to say and its certainly easy to use. Smartphone’s have QWERTY keyboards, making texts, emails and document editing a breeze! No more Morse Code!

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