Colorado Beer Week

Colorado is considered the Mecca for craft beer in the United States and it’s not wonder why. Home to more than 100 breweries (2008 BA statistics) and Colorado produces more beer than any other state. The BA (Brewers Association) is located in Colorado too. The BA is a non-profit organization that controls and regulates the beer world from microbreweries to macro breweries. The Great American Beer Fest (GABF) is held in Colorado as well; this being the largest beer festival in the United States and second largest in the world. It’s no wonder another beer festival is about to begin; the first annual Colorado Beer Week.

Colorado Beer Week begins April 8th – 16th. This is meant to be a week of celebrating all that’s amazing about ales, lagers, and craft beer. All day and night for a week you’ll have the opportunity to taste amazing Colorado microbreweries and their amazing beers across downtown Denver. From beer tastings, food pairings, cruiser crawls, rare releases, celebrity tappings, charity golf tournament, and vertical tastings. There are a lot of events going on this week and you shouldn’t miss a single one. radon testing colorado springs

The opening ceremonies for the first annual Colorado Beer Week will begin at Blake St. Tavern. Here more than 13 local microbreweries will be unleashed on Denver. VIP passes will be offered for those that don’t want to miss a single beer; you’ll be able to drink 30 minutes early and have face time with the brewers themselves. This event is hosted by New Belgium Brewery.

Oskar Blues, Ska Brewing, and Fort Collins Brewery will be gracing the opening ceremonies as will Great Divide Brewing. Great Divide (Denver’s most recognized brewery) will be unleashing Colette and their 17th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA on Denver during the ceremonies as well.

Day Two of Colorado Beer Week takes us to Euclid Hall, the countries number one beer bar, with a food and beer pairing hosted by Odell Brewing. Jorel Pierce, chef de cuisine, will take four appetizers and pair them with four of Odell’s single release 750ml series. Odell Brewing was put on the map last year (2010) when beer advocate voted Saboteur their favorite beer of the year. For the food pairing Odell will provide Red, their seasonal red ale that is a hopped up version of most reds on the market. Avant Peche is their Imperial Porter brewed with Colorado peaches and barrel aged with peaches. Friek is Odell’s interpretation of a Belgian Lambic Kriek blended with a Framboise. Krieks are cherry style beers from Belgium and Framboise are raspberry style Lambic. Lambics are sour beers that experience spontaneously fermentation and those that are fruit forward are brewed with fruits (such as cherries and raspberries). Friek is quite tart, not sour, with soft hints of raspberries and big cherry notes. Lastly Odell will produce Myrcenary. This is their double IPA (Indian Pale Ale) inspired by Myrcene; a component of the essential oils in the hop flower.

Day Three of Colorado Beer Week has Ska Brewing the microbrewery of Denver for the day. This event begins at Civic Center Park and is a cruiser bar crawl. Everyone will show up with their bikes (cruisers) and then hit local Denver venue’s to receive a free Ska Brewing beer on the house. Ska Brewing is located in Durango, Co. and is known as the goofiest and wackiest of brewers in the nation. Paramount Cafe, Fresh Craft, Cheba Hut, and Star Bar will the bars offering free Ska for the day. Expect downtown Denver on April 10th to be full of people riding cruisers and drinking great craft beer.

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